prescription discount card

With an overwhelming influence of technology in almost all spheres of life, man has been able to subscribe to a lot of privileges that earlier seemed far-fetched. Long gone are those days when a patient had to walk up to a pharmacy and pay the exact price printed on the cover; now, with the evolution of mobile applications, generating and using prescription discount cards that allows to reduce the price of drugs by a generous margin, people are saving a lot on their inevitable medical bills at the end of each month.

  • FamilyWize

This app is meant to facilitate the downloading of free prescription discount cards that can be availed while paying the net total of the medical bills at a pharmacy. Remember that the reduction of price only works on the names of the medicines that have been put down on the prescription; otherwise, leaving out a few generic brands, the discount is not levied. Soon after the card is handed over to the pharmacist, he will automatically fetch all the details and calculate the discount and issue the final bill. The average savings possible on the FamilyWize card is about 40-45% and can be redeemed at most of the prime drugstores around the country.

  • Easy Drug Card

If you do not have an insurance that will partly or fully cover your medical bills at the end of each month, using Easy Drug Card can be a beneficial option. The prescription discount card issued by this app can be used through all the major pharmacies of the country and the drugs can be purchased at a discount of up to 80% which qualifies to be a greater reduction when compared to the other apps. A distinguishing feature about Easy Drug Card is that they allow discounts on medicines for pets too.

  • CVS ExtraCare

Apart from providing their users with RX discounts, the app also has a reward program that allows the users to collect credit points that can be used later while purchasing the drugs. With every 10 credits earned, you are sanctioned a discount of $5 and the credit policies are as follows.

o If you signup through pharmacy alerts or e-mail reminders, you earn I credit point.

o If you fill or refill a prescription you earn 1 credit point and 3 points for doing it in a 90-day prescription.

o 1 point is added for each vaccination.

o If you upload the prescriptions on your CVS ExtraCare account, you are awarded 3 points.

These credit scores could be added up and used anywhere for discounts such as food stores, gifts or other materials involved in daily chores.

  • GoodRX

The GoodRX functions through an integrated and simplified process when the user is willing to buy medicines; rather than physically attending each of the pharmacies to find out the lowest price, by simply entering the names of the drugs mentioned on the prescription, the app will provide you with the prices that they are being sold at in the nearest pharmacies. This way, you will be able to save a lot of time and calculate the final price that will be generated after using the RX discount. Additionally, the app also offers frequent coupons to its users that will further assist in reducing the price of the drugs.

  • Walgreens

The Walgreens app not only helps with the prescription of a single user but also enhances the experience of somebody willing to decode the discounted prices of their family’s prescriptions. By filling and refilling each of these prescriptions, you can have some credit points in your online account to be used in future opportunities to purchase drugs. After registration, you will have 300 points for filling in every 30-day prescription from the store and 90-day prescription and 100 points for each vaccination.