Your resume is perfect. The interview also went well. However, whether or not you get the job is now depending on the results of drug screening and background check. For many applicants, particularly the ones who use prescription drugs, the very thought of passing the drug screening can be frightening.

What is Pre-Employment Prescription Drug Testing?

Pre-employment drug testing is usually scheduled when a conditional job offer has been made. It is basically a requirement for people applying for the job. The applicant must receive a drug test result for the job offer to become permanent. If you test positive, then you are not likely to get the job.

What sort of pre-employment testing is done depends on the state as well as firm policies. Employers can test the applicants for alcohol and drugs. Commonly, sweat tests, saliva test, breath tests, blood test, and urine tests are used to detect the presence of alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescription drugs.

Employers Have Reasons to Be Concerned About Prescription Drug Use

The main reason why pre-employment drug testing is done is that employers have a legal responsibility to maintain a drug-free workplace and prevent the negative effects of drug abuse that can severely impact their organization. Testing applicants for prescription drugs can protect businesses from the consequences of hiring a drug user. Even though the use of prescription drugs is common, employers fear that they can impair the concentration and abilities of the worker, which can be dangerous to themselves as well as others. However, employers must understand how law functions and any decisions made on the basis of fear and bias for disabled individuals is illegal under Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Can I Lose a Job Offer Because of Prescription Meds?

Short answer, yes. It happens more often than you may think. You can find many testimonials in which people lost a job offer because of prescription drugs that they used for some condition or disease. However, according to federal law, you cannot be fired because of consuming certain medications, but you need to have an authentic, proper prescription and note that you are consuming them under supervision. Because of this, many people hire a wrongful termination attorney for legal help.

The Bottom Line

The primary idea behind pre-employment prescription drug testing is that you have to disclose some personal information and sacrifice privacy about certain things like how many prescription drugs you are taking and why you are taking them so that the employer could determine whether or not you are a liability. Under most circumstances, a wrongful termination attorney or ADA will help you protect your use of prescription drugs to treat a condition.

If you have had issues obtaining a job or if you lost a job because you tested positive for prescription drugs, then it is highly recommended that you contact a wrongful termination attorney for legal help. He/she will help you deal with the situation and inform you about how the law may apply to it.