Considering the importance of remaining drug-free in various instances, it is understandable that you might feel a little nervous about using CBD. It does come from cannabis after all, which is a genus to which marijuana belongs. So, does CBD show up on a drug test?

To answer this question, you need to understand the source of CBD oil, how drug tests work, and what preventive steps you can take to pass the test.

Understanding the Source of CBD Oil

THC is the primary culprit that gives you away in the marijuana testing. Drug tests test for THC presence. This is what the primary difference is and why cannabis oil should not create a positive result.

The hemp plant (from which cannabis hemp oil is extracted) is a member of cannabis genus which has minor traces of THC. Because of the low level, it is not regarded as a controlled substance.

On the other hand, regular CBD oil comes from marijuana plant and it contains the amount of THC that can trigger a test. That’s why it is only available in certain states that have recreational or medical marijuana laws.

The Process of Drug Testing

Drug tests look for addictive and illegal substances including THC, opioids, and steroids in the urine. If a person is using CBD oil, he has to consume approximately 1000-2000 mg of it on regular basis to test positive. The exact figure depends on the amount of THC in the CBD oil. If the drug test shows positive, then it can be considered a false positive.

There is another test known as GC/MS that has a higher level of accuracy. This test does not look for CBD or cannabinoids but harmful and illegal chemicals and drugs. This testing is meant to catch drug abusers and criminals in order to prevent them from entering the workforce. Since you are not breaking any laws, you don’t need to worry.

Passing an Employers Drug Test

Although the risk of failing a drug test while using CBD oil is small, it does exist. The best way to make sure that the test is passed is to buy CBD cannabis oil that doesn’t contain any traces of THC. You can accomplish this in several different ways. You can start by checking the label on the product.

Make sure it does not exceed the legal limit of .3% THC. Furthermore, you should also avoid using too much CBD oil before the test. You should also research which companies you are purchasing cannabis oil from and buy from the most legitimate ones as they have specific and accurate information. These are the products that are generally trusted by the public.

The Bottom Line

THC is what drug tests look for and while CBD oils do contain a minor amount of it, it shouldn’t be an issue unless you are using a whole lot of CBD oil. And if you do end up failing one of these tests, know that there are ways to get back on your feet after the fallout.