How does your drug store look like? It is dull, drab, and even outdated? Is it inviting to customers, or institutional, and sterile? However, rugs on sale for designing of your drug store!

Also, what about your customers’ convenience and comfort? Are products visible, with displays set up so shoppers can find what they need without any trouble? Is your decor inviting so that customers can relax, stay, and enjoy themselves while they shop?

The objective of layout design:

However, rugs on sale, because, there’s no way you’re going to design your drug store without laying carpet on the floor of your store. Now, the following are the primary objectives of drug store design or layout design.

1. To attract and entice a large number of customers.

2. To escalate the sale of the store.

3. To have space for reserve stock and the proper entrance of coming goods, office and resting place for employees.

4. To provide customer satisfaction and reduce selling expenses.

5. To project a professional image and develop or improve general appearance.

6. To minimize the movement of the client within the premises of the drug store.

Wholesale drug store Design:

A modern drug store design should fulfill all the requirements in schedule “N” of cosmetics and drug rules. To begin a drug store a minimum of 140 square feet area is required similar to the wholesale drug store a minimum of 1500 square feet.

Types of drug stores:

The following are different types of drug stores design:

1.Traditional Drug Stores: These kinds of drug stores are designed in such a manner that the entire area of the drug store exposed to clients.

  • Such a design has a professional and pleasing appearance and is convenient for both customers and workers.
  • It provides an opportunity for maximum sales, but in such design, there’re good chances of theft.

2. Personal Service Drug Stores Design: In this type of design, the entire area isn’t exposed to the client, but the customer is required to interact and communicate with the drug store personnel at the service counter. During the buying process, the customer demands an article and the staff provide the articles. This design and service facilitate maximum interaction between the customers and drug store employee. The success and the achievement of the drug store depends upon the friendly and convenient service of the personnel at the service counter.

3. Prescription Oriented Drug Store: This type of drug stores provide a comfortable waiting area where the buyers are expected to wait while his prescription is proceeding. In this type of design health-related items, drug, and prescription accessories are displayed in the vicinity while surgical appliances and orthopedic are kept in a separate room. Gifts and Cosmetics are arranged in a suitable area in the store.

4. Pharmaceutical Or Drug Centre: This type of center sell medicines or drug store, orthopedic, surgical appliances, and convenience articles. The store has enough floor space and is appropriately decorated.

5. Super Drug Store: Also this types of drug stores have a large floor area ranging from 4,000 to 8000 with a square design. The buyers have access to all-most-all the area in the drug store and can handle, inspect, and select articles themselves. Also rugs on sale for this type of drug store, just for further beautification. However, the design is on self-service pattern except for the prescription department where self-service isn’t feasible.