Treatment for depression was introduced to the Americans nearly a few decades ago. Many other treatments then came into existence for the people who did not usually respond to early depression treatments.

Many studies were carried out in order to make treatments successful but all the research studies indicated that they cannot be effective unless their prices are shaved down by 25%/ only making the treatment cost-effective would make them effective on people suffering from depression.

Jhonson And Jhonson’s Esketamine– Anti-Depressant Saline Nasal Spray
Recently, a renowned company, Jhonson and Jhonson developed a saline nasal spray for treating depression. This anti-depressant nasal decongestant spray treatment session costs between $590 to $885. The price per treatment session might also depend on the number of doses.The monthly treatment cost of Jhonson and Jhonson’s nasal decongestant is between $4,720 to $6,785. Similarly, the yearly treatment cost tab is between $33,000 to $49200.

Jhonson And Jhonson’s Nasal Decongestant Spray Approval by Fda
Esketamine, commonly known as Jhonson and Jhonson’s nasal decongestant spray was approved by FDA and regarded as safe for the treatment of people living with depression and anxiety.

Studies Carried Out by Jhonson And Jhonson
Jhonson and Jhonson carried out short-term and long-term research studies regarding their product, Special K. It’s a new product that has come out for the public in decades for treating depression. So, it was very difficult to carry out controlled placebo studies.

People who were given Spravato under long-term experiments observed superior improvement in depression. The company and the agency, FDA both have planned a proper distribution system of Spravato because the product comes with risks of dissociation and sedation.

The acting director of the FDA released a press video stating that depression is a life-threatening condition. There was a serious long-standing need for treatment for people with depression to improve their quality of life.

Spravato has undergone controlled and careful clinical trials. The researchers have studied its efficiency and effectiveness. After robust debate and discussion from our advisory committee along with clinical trials, the FDA has made a stand-alone decision to approve this drug, esketamine.

Spravato has a special formulation that has the potential to alter the depression treatment paradigm in people suffering from depression. The CEO of the company, Jhonson and Jhonson has a hope to treat one-third of people living with depressive orders. People who did not respond to previously-made depression therapies could actually take maximal advantage of this drug.

Burden of Depression
Depression is one of the leading causes of suicide in the United States. This medical condition is closely monitored by the health agencies because it is the leading cause of disability. 14 deaths among 10,000 people were reported last year. This is the highest suicide rate ever recorded in the past 50 years.

Spravato, a ketamine-based nasal spray is expected to reduce the number of deaths by helping the patients recover from depressive orders.