There are moves pointing to the fact that marijuana will be legalized in New York sooner than expected. For instance, over the past 12 months, officials in the state have been taking active part in various public listening sessions with a view to producing a bill. The major aim of this post is to inform you about the steps which have been taken by the state officials of New York towards the legalization of cannabis.

Recent Developments

Some of the signs that Cannabis New York is slowly becoming a reality are:

  • On the 9th of April 2019, a bill was passed by City Council which would prohibit employers from carrying tests out that are related to tetrahydrocannabinol on employees. Also, marijuana tests on those who seem to be on probation have been banned by law makers.
  • Resolutions have also been passed by City Council ordering that criminals who have been convicted for charges related to marijuana be released. Their criminal records have also been ordered to be wiped.

Is this development supported by the public?

According to reports, it has been discovered that the idea of Cannabis New York legalization is supported by most New York voters. It is a subject matter that seems to be split along the lines of political parties. For instance, about 65% of democrats have been discovered to be fully in support of its legalization. 60% of Republicans is against the legalization. The number of independents is 58%.

The Quinnipiac University polls is a strong indication that majority of the people in New York do support the legalization of Marijuana. It was also discovered that they are in support for records of those who have been convicted in the past for marijuana charges to be wiped.

What are the implications?

According to experts, the legalization of Cannabis New York has some negative implications that the society will likely suffer from both in the short and long term. For instance, an expert pointed out that the rate of car accidents is likely to increase should such a bill be passed. There are those who are concerned about the health implications that it can lead to most especially in cases related to addiction.

Whatever the implications may be, the reality still remains that majority of the people in New York are strongly in support of its legalization at the moment.

Marijuana Legalization efforts

Although there have been efforts over the past one year to ensure that marijuana is legalized in New York, it hasn’t been easy all the way. For instance, the budget proposal of the governor hasn’t been supported by some sections of lawmakers. This is because they are yet to be convinced on how the colored race will benefit from the tax revenue which cannabis is expected to generate over the years.

According to them, these people have been the most arrested in the past on charges related to marijuana. In a nutshell, it can be said that the plan put forward by the governor for the legalization of marijuana hasn’t been convincing enough to win the support of the every lawmaker. They expected that a major part of the generated revenue was supposed to be channelled into such communities.

There was also the plan of Cuomo to allow major cities (including counties) opt out from the law whenever they deemed necessary.

Reasons for the support of its legalization

Although there are experts who have criticized the legalization of New York Cannabis, it is worth noting that this decision of the government has been supported by some other experts who pointed out some reasons below.

1 – The social cost for its prohibition is enormous

Prohibition of marijuana has been discovered to have some negative effects such as ruined lives and wasted resources. There are smokers of marijuana who are law – abiding. These people have been arrested for marijuana possession.

In the year 2012, the number of marijuana arrests made by the police in the US was over 600,000. This cost the government on the long run as there would have to be provision of more prison facilities to accommodate such prisoners.

There is also the problem of those who have been imprisoned suffering the long term effects like such arrests remaining on their records for years.

2 – The legitimate medical effects of cannabis

This is perhaps one of the major reasons why the idea of legalizing New York Cannabis by the government of New York is being supported by expert. In past two decades, there have been lots of researches carried out to identify the medical benefits of cannabis. It has been discovered to help patients suffering from epilepsy. Other abnormal conditions that it can be very useful are muscle spasms, Crohn’s disease, and glaucoma.

3 – Tobacco and alcohol are more harmful than cannabis

According to experts, marijuana isn’t as addictive as alcohol and tobacco. For instance, a major risk which has been linked with tobacco is cancer while alcohol consumption can be traced to cirrhosis. On the other hand, there hasn’t been any research which has been able to discover any serious effect that marijuana can cause to the health of its users.

They also explained that the problem of marijuana addition which most people have complained of seems to be minor compared to the health risks that tobacco and alcohol can pose to users. If the law isn’t seeing anything wrong with members of the public using these items, legalization of New York Cannabis should be supported.

4 – Legalization isn’t going to bring about increased use of marijuana

There is fear that once marijuana is legalized in New York, most people will be making use of it more than ever before which could be dangerous to the society at large. Experts have disagreed with this view pointing out that its legalization will bring about a situation where it will be properly regulated.

For instance, the government has succeeded in making sure that cigarettes and alcohol aren’t used by minors. Such regulatory measures can be adopted to ensure that its use by members of the public is controlled to a great extent.