Finding the right RX card starts by asking just how the card can help you find the best deal on prescription medications and other products provided by a pharmacy. The answer may be a little more complicated than you might think, but it does demonstrate why the value of the RX card is so important.

What an RX Card Does for You

The first reason why you should purchase an RX card is that the prices for prescription drugs are not regulated. Although it may seem counterintuitive at first, many pharmacies charge wildly different prices for what they offer. You may find that the cost of a prescription differs by up to $100 or more depending on which pharmacy you shop.

While insurance helps, over the past decade far more of the cost of prescription drugs have been passed on to the consumer. This means that you are really paying more in this day and age which is where the RX card comes into play.

An RX card does more than provide a discount, it takes the information that is present about prices and searches for the lowest cost pharmacy within its network. That way, you can find the best deals using your card which may save you hundreds of dollars on your prescription medication.

Finding the Best RX Card

Now that you know why the card is important, the next step is finding the best one that works for your needs. Not all RX cards are alike, so you will need to do a little research to find the best ones that work for you.

Location: Everything starts with where you are located. After all, you are only going to make purchases at pharmacies that you can easily visit. So, you can start by learning about what pharmacies are within easy driving distance from your home, work, or school.

If you do not live near a pharmacy, you’ll want to look into shipping rates for pharmacies that send prescription medications through the mail. You may find that having your medication mailed to you is far more convenient. Still, you should check out the pharmacies that are in your location and use that as your starting point.

Coverage: Now, check out the various RX card products on the market and see what network they include. You can eliminate the ones that provide discounts from pharmacies that you’ll never visit or shop. That way, you can focus on the ones that cover what you want in a convenient manner.

Discount: Look at the discounts in which the RX card provides for the pharmacies that you use. Some offer flat rates while others may provide discounts in shipping or other areas of the purchase. You’ll want to mark down the discounts before you take the final step.

Prices: Check out the prices of the prescription medication from the pharmacies that are nearby, especially the type of drugs that you normally use. This will directly affect your decision-making process because getting a bigger discount from one pharmacy doesn’t mean that you will use them if their prices are so high that another pharmacy works better even without the deeper discount.

From all that information, you should find the right RX card that delivers the discounts from the pharmacies that you will visit or have shipped your prescription medication. Keep in mind that you should total your prescription medications to discover the best savings. For example, if you take three types of prescription drugs, you’ll want to add up the savings for all three to see which one works the best.

Many people get fooled when they see a deeper discount for one, but the others do not have the same discounts and you might wind up paying more.


In addition to looking for the best RX card, you’ll want to account for any possible discounts or ways of paying that you might already have. This starts with your insurance coverage along with potential discounts from other sources to see if the RX card is the right path for you.

Update: Look for any changes to the benefits of your RX card. For the most part, they will probably not change. However, new policies and programs may affect the discounts you receive for purchasing certain prescription drugs. If you see any changes that affects you, the first thing you should do is to search for another RX card that might be better. Remember, even a difference of a few dollars per purchase may mean hundreds of dollars in savings every year.

Keep an Eye Out for New RX Cards: Just because you use what you believe is the best RX card now doesn’t mean that it will not change in the future. You may move, go to another health network, or other changes in your life may affect your ability to use the same pharmacies. So, keep up with what other RX cards offer and when something changes in your life, you will have the knowledge to know what new RX card may work better for you.

Programs: There are new programs that are springing up around the country to help people pay for their prescription medications and other medical expenses. For example, if your doctor is part of a network that provides discounts for prescription drugs which can be combined with your card, you’ll want to know if the membership fee and other expenses cancel out the discounts or may be worth the investment. This also includes getting new insurance, taking advantage of group plans, and other programs that may change considerably the amount you save on each purchase. While many may not apply, you might find one that does work for you and helps you save even more money.

Remember, not all RX card products are alike, so do your research, check out all avenues, and assess your status before making your final decision. You might find that a little work saves you a considerable amount over time which means more money in your pocket.